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Skinny Coconut Oil: Raw & Alkaline

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Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% Raw and Alkaline coconut oil available on the market... How is this so?

Harvested responsibly from deep within the jungles of Vietnam, Skinny Coconut Oil comes to you 100% pure, all-natural, pesticide free with an incredibly smooth texture, light fragrance, and snow white color. Skinny Coconut Oil is crafted with our unique patented Nutralock System™ that naturally locks in all the "good" stuff (a.k.a vitamins and minerals) that coconuts naturally produce. This 5th generation coconut oil processing system never heats the coconut meat or oil above 77 degrees Fahrenheit making it 100% RAW and an alkaline oil! It is world exclusive and the only 5th generation process in the world. Combined with our strict regulations, quality control and unique processing Skinny Coconut Oil is 100% pure, never heated, staying as nature intended. Delivering the purest coconut oil on the market. 

Be fit and healthier today with the purest highest grade of coconut oil on the market.  

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*Skinny Specs

  • 16.9oz (500ml)
  • Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
  • 7.3-8.7 PH (Every coconut is different)
  • 100% Guaranteed Pure 
  • Raw Food Certified (Never Heated Over 77℉)
  • Cold Pressed
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Product of Vietnam
  • Sustainably Grown and Crafted

Why We're Different


"I eat two tablespoons of skinny coconut oil. It is the best coconut oil on the market!" - Anna
"Eating and using Skinny Coconut Oil has changed my life. It is the best coconut oil I have found. I am excited to put it in my coffee and I am looking forward to that adventure. Thank you for such an amazing product." -Lisa
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Solidified Skinny Coconut Oil is white as snow, once melted it is crystal clear (see picture) showing its 100% purity. Buy with confidence. View our refund policy. 100% Pure. 100% Raw. 100% Guaranteed. :)

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